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Valley of Death refers to any of the numerous landforms named Death Valley. Its origins possibly lie in a literary element of Psalm 23 in the Bible.The road between a discovery generated from basic research to a commercial product or process is long and, according to some, rife with significant roadblocks. Innovators and investors alike routinely claim that a ‘funding gap’ or ‘Valley of Death’ exists between basic research and commercialization of a new product.



Valpolicella provides technical financial and organizational services before, during after these critical phases.



Renewable energy

Energy Efficiency

Transport Efficiency

Marine & RiverEnergy

Micro hydro

Energy Storage

District Heating

Geothermal energy


Technical services

  • Product development

  • LCOE calculations (Levelised Costs of Energy)

  • AEP optimization, validation & certification (Availability of Electric Power)

Consultancy Services

  • Business Case development

  • Market research

  • EC-liaison services

  • Project valuation

  • Commercialization services / Consortium / Supply chain

Financial services

  • Equity finance - > Small loans < 100.000 Euro

  • Public & private loans & guarantees

  • Complex financial products

  • Grants & proposal writing

  • Controlling & financial servies during restructuring

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